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Being present

Are you staying busy because you like it, or are you using work to avoid thinking about something?

Do you really love social media that much, or are you using it to distract yourself?

I went to a workshop where we talked about ways that people use everyday activities in excess to numb out. It was so eye-opening! When a person is too uncomfortable to sit with a feeling, there are many ways they distract themselves. It’s not something to feel guilty about, because we all do it at some point.

Some examples are: • Staying busy • Alcohol • TV • Social media • Minimizing emotions • Adrenaline seeking • Sleeping • Video games • Cleaning too much • Shopping

When we use these things to distract ourselves, we are taking our minds out of the moment and out of our emotions. It takes practice and mindfulness to sit with a feeling. It can be scary sometimes and difficult but sitting with ourselves in the present is necessary.

Remember, if you find a feeling or experience that is too much to be present with, it’s okay to reach out for help.

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