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Meet Robin

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and the journey of counseling and coaching individuals has been fulfilling. I work with adults, teens, children and families. I am EMDR® trained and also skilled in Cognitive Processing Therapy to help individuals with a history of trauma. I identify as a black, blackity, black woman of African descent. My passion is in embracing and building connections which aids me in cultivating a therapeutic relationship with my clients. In my endeavor to excel as a therapist, I’ve come to understand that the relationship you have with your therapist is a significant part of healing. You are the expert, and I am just here to be your support and cheerleader.

Outside of being a therapist I am an advocate for people who share similar life experiences as myself. Some of those projects include racial justice healing, advocating for black mothers before, during, and after childbirth, as well as building up leaders in the community. Although that sounds like a lot, I always make sure to spend time with my loving family and friends.

As a therapist with lived experiences, I promise you that I will not suggest something that I have not tried myself.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together. Click here to book an appointment with Robin. For general questions please complete form below. 

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