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Meet Ashley

Hi! My name is Ashley and I am an LMSW (Licensed Master Social Worker) and passion-purposed! I have always been interested in brain functioning and mental diagnoses, but when I experienced my own personal trauma, I then fully understood the need and importance of access to mental health services. 


I have experience working with kiddos (3-6), adolescents, and adults within behavioral and mental health settings, schools, as well as domestic and sexual violence. My passions include mental health, creativity, and story-telling. There is power and healing in communal sharing and support.


I believe we are the experts of our lives so I enjoy leading with a person-centered approach and base my practice in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) but am open to exploring SE (Somatic Experiencing) and CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicines). As a creative and a therapist with a therapist, I believe we can incorporate techniques such as journaling, music, and art to assist us in our journey of learning how to process and feel our feelings. 


To add to my educational knowledge, I enjoy making candles as a personal hobby but also include essential oils to promote mental wellness. I enjoy traveling and meeting up with loved ones to make memories and gain new experiences. I am introverted, but a social butterfly shortly after warming up. :)


My goal and hope is to create a safe space of empathy, compassion, and empowerment to better equip individuals in their own healing journey with evidence-based tools and knowledge.


I am under the supervision of Robin Johnson, LCSW-S.

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