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Meet Dorcas

I am Dorcas, a compassionate and experienced social worker with a deep commitment to empowering individuals and families. With a specialization in trauma-informed care, I have dedicated multiple years to working with children in a school setting, as well as adults with mental illness in both community and state institutions.


As a clinical therapist, my approach is grounded in strength-based perspectives, recognizing and utilizing the inherent strengths within each individual. By harnessing these strengths, I help my clients address and improve areas of concern, fostering resilience and growth.


One of my greatest passions lies in working with children, as I firmly believe in their potential and their ability to shape our future. Guided by trauma-informed care principles, I strive to create a safe and supportive environment where children can heal, thrive, and discover their dreams.


Community plays a vital role in our lives, and I am dedicated to providing families with the support they need as they navigate life’s challenges. By fostering strong connections and offering guidance, I aim to empower families to overcome obstacles and create a nurturing environment for their children’s well-being.


In my role as a therapist, I am driven by the belief that every individual has the capacity for growth and positive change. By integrating strength-based perspectives and trauma-informed care, I am committed to helping children and their families flourish, ensuring a brighter future for all.

I am currently under the supervision of Robin Johnson, LCSW-S.

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