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Be gentle with yourself

Existing in the world right now is hard, y’all. We’re navigating life in an ongoing pandemic on top of capitalism. A lot of us have these thoughts that go something like, “If we’re not productive, then we’re doing nothing, and doing nothing is bad.”

But what does “doing nothing” look like? Watching your favorite show all day? Catching up on sleep? Using free time for hobbies? Spending time with someone? All of these things are ways that we take care of ourselves and that’s not something to feel guilty about.

Everything grows better when you nurture it, yourself included. Self-compassion can be hard. An easy way to begin practicing is by talking to yourself like you would talk to a friend. If your friend was struggling or needed a day off, you may say something like, “Yessss, you’ve been working so hard lately. You definitely need the rest!”

I challenge to treat yourself with the same love this week. Be gentle with yourself, friends!

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