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Why is it so hard to open up?

Something I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about lately is fear of rejection. It can create struggles with making new friends and issues in relationships we already have. Creating and strengthening connections requires vulnerability. It can be scary to show up as our authentic selves because it gives people the chance to hurt us.

We can’t avoid rejection though. If we listen to fear, then we begin to keep everyone at arm’s length because it seems safe. Sometimes people think, “If I reject them first, they can’t reject me.” This way of living can cause continuous pain and unfulfilled relationships. People aren’t meant to live behind brick walls.

Everyone faces rejection and emotional pain in their lives. The good news is that it can’t and won’t last forever. Notice where you sense it in your body, observe how you feel, and try to do this without judgement. Is it uncomfortable? Yes. Will you be okay? Yes.

When we try to make a new friend, open up to our partner, ask someone out on a date, or apply for a new job the chance of being told “no” is real… but so is the chance of hearing “yes.” And what’s on the other side of that yes can be life changing.

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