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Why is it so hard to ask for help?

Society teaches us that needing others is a sign of weakness. We often hear that it is shameful and that we should only rely on ourselves. This is misinformation! Maybe a lot of us are just afraid to ask for help. Reaching out takes a certain amount of vulnerability on our part and can leave us feeling exposed. The fear of rejection can make us uncomfortable, but not reaching out can stunt our growth. There are lots of benefits to asking for help.

We can: 1. Achieve our goals 2. Foster deeper relationships with those around us 3. Learn how to be vulnerable 4. Develop strong support systems 5. Learn more about our strengths 6. Foster empathy for ourselves and others 7. Get a deeper understanding of boundaries 8. See a situation from different perspectives 9. Practice humility

At one point or another, we will all be in the position where we need help. Sometimes this can be at work, in relationships, with our friends, our own mental/physical health, or even just advice. We aren't inadequate, and we haven't failed. We cannot expect ourselves to be all that we need 100% of the time. It is normal to need one another sometimes. It can be hard to put our egos aside, but we can do hard things. Ind or someone you love that is carrying a burden. Would you want them to do it alone? What would tell them? Maybe you would let them know that asking for help is okay. We deserve to show ourselves the same kind of empathy.

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