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What is gentle parenting?

Whether your kids are still doing virtual school or have returned to in-person, COVID-19 has added a whole new layer of stress for everyone. It becomes easier to lose our cool and react instead of responding. This can leave us feeling guilty or like we’ve failed. We’ve all been there, we’re all human.

The pandemic has made some aspects of our lives more difficult, and that can mean different things for different people. One thing most parents can probably agree on is that parenting has been challenging. This last year and a half have tested even the most patient caregivers. They say it takes a village to raise children, but our village has been disrupted.

Many of us are being faced with adapting our parenting techniques. There isn’t just one correct way to do it, but there are tools we can use to strengthen the connections in our family. Have you ever heard of gentle parenting? Gentle parenting can sometimes get a bad rep. There’s a misconception that gentle means permissive or passive, but that’s not the case. It means respecting our children and validating their feelings. It means recognizing that they are people and not less because they are small. It’s essential to have boundaries forged by respect and not fear.

Are our children acting out or just acting their age? One of the most important things is to have realistic expectations for them and ourselves. We’re all doing the best that we can with what we have. Start small. No one is perfect and that’s all right.

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