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Social anxiety in the new season

It’s getting warmer outside, the days are FINALLY getting longer, and everything is beginning to bloom. Spring officially starts in 2 days! For some people it’s a time for growth, new beginnings, and getting out more. Things are starting to ease up with the pandemic and there’s more opportunities to come together. It can bring feelings of joy for some and uncertainty for others. It’s okay to feel a little of both!

We’ve all had to find our new normal with all the changes we’ve been through since 2020. It can be common to feel nervous about socializing in person and everyone has different comfort levels.

It's important for us to normalize the fact that lots of people are feeling social anxiety. This is even true for people who didn’t feel this way pre-covid times. We’ve been through 2 years of a pandemic and some social skills may have gotten rusty. If you’re feeling nervous, it’s okay to ease into things.

It can help to have a plan before you go out just in case you become overwhelmed. You can practice breathing techniques, affirmations, self-compassion, or any grounding technique that feels right to you. There’s always the option to leave the situation and try again another time.

If social anxiety is having a big impact on your life and functioning, it’s okay to get extra support. A therapist can help you create a treatment plan that will work for you.

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