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Ready for Spring Already!

Have y’all felt like everyone around you has been getting sick left and right lately? Illness is a part of life, but this season has been something else. It’s not just covid either, it seems like everything under the sun has been passed around like a hot potato. If you have kids in school, you know exactly what I mean. It seems like once a month my kids are bringing something home to share with the rest of the house.

The media has been calling it the “tripledemic.” It’s Covid, the flu, and RSV all spiking around the same time. It can cause a lot of anxiety! It’s been a rough ride for a lot of people, and it has had big impacts on their mental health.

While you can’t control viruses or the world, there are some things you can do to take care of your mental health.

Good sleep hygiene- experts usually recommend 7-8 and keeping a consistent sleep schedule. If you do get sick, getting quality rest gives your body the chance to heal.

Eat a balance of food- nutrients! Cooking at home can be a good way to find a rhythm and boost mental health for some people.

Stay hydrated- drink drink drink your water! Your body and mind both need it to stay as functional as possible.

Move your body- release those positive hormones!

Fresh air and sunlight- vitamin D and getting out of stuffy buildings is good for the soul.

Call a friend- get and give support, you’re not alone in your struggles this season.

While there’s no way to completely keep sickness away, these are ways to boost your mental health (and immune system). Since colds and viruses are inevitable, make sure to stay stocked up sick day essentials! Hang in there, spring will come again!

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