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Parenthood Support

I think we can all agree that adding a baby to the family requires an adjustment period. Don’t get me wrong, new life is a beautiful thing! We love our kids something fierce BUT parenthood is exhausting. Even if everything goes smooth and your birth story is all butterflies and rainbows… it’s still draining. It only gets more complicated when adding other factors to the mix.

For example, having a c-section is major surgery, but within 24 hours of birth, mothers have to be up, walking, and living life like they didn’t just bring a baby earthside. Then there are always so many choices to make. Breastfeed or bottlefeed? Cosleep or crib sleep? Strollers or wraps? How long can you afford to take off work? Plus, the 49873493434 different kinds of diapers.

Moms have so much to juggle, but they’re still human. They need care too! It’s okay to accept (and ask for) help from the people that love us. If you’re struggling with shame about receiving support, you can replace the word “help” with “love.” It can put it in a new perspective.

Accept the love if your friend wants to bring or deliver a meal. Accept the love if someone you trust wants to play with the baby while you nap. Invite over a friend if you need some love (aka interaction with another adult).

Raising kids is a marathon, not a sprint. So don’t forget to take care of yourself! Eat, sleep, hydrate, give yourself grace, and lean on loved ones when you need to.

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