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Okay, so the last couple of years have been a wild ride for most of us. We’ve had a lot to deal with between the shutdowns, uncertainty about schools, vaccine/mask mandates, plus everything in our personal lives that we all deal with. I’m sure the list could go on! It can become overwhelming, especially for those suffering from anxiety or past trauma. Regardless of your mental health status, there are ways that we can all feel more centered in moments of heightened emotion. We can practice grounding techniques to help us feel calmer and step away from the negative thoughts/feelings.

1. Put your hands under running water. 2. Name as many state capitals as you can or count by 7’s. 3. Use an affirmation phrase like “I am safe in this moment.” 4. Pick a color, look around the room, and find as many things that match the color as you can. 5. Notice things around you and describe the way they feel. 6. Go for a walk. 7. If you’re at home, take a shower or bath. 8. Focus on your breathing and take slow, deep breaths. 9. Eat something tasty and savor it. 10. The technique that is shared most often, the 54321 method:

• 5 things you can see • 4 things you can feel • 3 things you can hear • 2 things you can smell • 1 thing you can taste

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