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Grief isn't linear

Grief can be so so so heavy but it's a normal part of life. Everyone has experienced it in some way, shape, or form. While it does come from loss, it doesn’t always mean a person.

Grief can also be caused by: • Losing a job • A relationship that ended • An experience that you wanted but didn’t get • A dream that you had • The death of a pet • A missed opportunity

They say that there’s a cycle to grief (some call it stages). If you’re anything like me, you might have once envisioned something like a circle or a straight line. You might think that if you can make it to the last step, you can be finished with it and be fine again!

Sorry to say, grief isn’t always linear.

Grieving is normal. There isn’t a timeline or specific order you have to follow. The stages most people think about with grief are from the Kubler-Ross grief cycle: • Denial • Anger • Bargaining • Depression • Acceptance

Some people might go in this order, but most of us won’t. Some people might get to depression and make a circle back to anger then to denial. There is no road map, and there isn’t always an ending. Acceptance doesn’t mean that we’ve gotten over it or that it never hurts. It can mean that we’ve learned healthy ways to cope, and that’s okay.

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