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Am I an Imposture?

Am I an imposture?

I feel like as an entrepreneur, mom, and wife, a staple challenge that comes with those titles is Imposter Syndrome. It’s like the more you achieve, the more you begin to doubt yourself. Impostor Syndrome will have you feeling as if you don’t deserve to occupy the spaces you have been called to serve. How do you know if you are dealing with Imposter Syndrome?

Here are a few signs: -Doubting yourself -Not giving yourself credit for your success -Questioning if you will live up to certain expectations -Criticizing yourself

The list could go on with toxic self-talk. Symptoms can show up in minor ways that may be hard to notice at first. It could be that you have doubted yourself for so long that it has become like second nature. Taking the occasional moment to look inward or receiving honest feedback from a close loved one can be ways to identify if you are struggling with Imposter Syndrome. If you are seeing a therapist, they will most definitely help you process through those challenges. You may be in the midst of a “moment” as we speak. Don’t feel bad. I have been there, and I bet so many in your circle could say the same. I’m here to tell you; give yourself some grace but also do what you gotta do to heal.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can overcome feeling like an imposter: -Keep a gratitude journal -Take consistent moments to write down nice things about yourself -Find a healthy way to respond to making mistakes -Change your language: During those moments when you are prone to speak negatively, adjust the narrative. -Celebrate your success often

Developing a healthy coping system is a significant part of self-care and protecting your mental health. Even as a healthcare professional, I have to remind myself that constantly. My therapist sometimes has to check me on it. I’m just here to make sure you guys know that it happens, you’re human, and it’s normal. At the same time, please know that you are absolutely a badass, and there is nothing you can do about it! Keep being great, y’all!

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